Storyline 360 Quiz Retry Issue

Mar 28, 2018

Hi everyone, I am looking for some guidance with a course we have.

We have Articulate 360 and have upgraded a Storyline 2 file into 360. When learners fail a quiz, they are able to retake the quiz however selecting radio buttons on a reattempt, fail. The only way to get the buttons to work is to click it, then press a spacebar to show the radio button selection. We have tested in Flash, Flash/HTML via Preview and on our LMS (Cornerstone)

The original Storyline 2 file never had these issues and looks like something could have happened while the file was upgraded?

We have looked at all the triggers and all appear to be OK. The only changes from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 were the intial file upgrade, then text changes. No other buttons or triggers were added/removed.

The issue on appeared after upgrade and text edits. We have trawled Google and the Articulate forums for help and have tested everything we can think of. 

Oh, and we made sure we have the latest version too of Articulate 360 - current version as of today 28/3/18 (AUS). The issue is still occurring.

Hoping someone can help work out why quiz retry attempts will not allow radio button selection unless the spacebar is pressed.

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jase,

I'd love to take a look at your file, I haven't heard of a situation where the radio buttons aren't selectable until you press the spacebar on a retry. 

If you can upload the .story file here using the Add Attachment button that'll let us take a look. 

If you're unable to share - one idea is to also look at testing this outside of Cornerstone, and you could use SCORM Cloud to test it. It's an industry standard for testing LMS content and that article will walk you through how to upload and test.

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Jase Ess

Hi! Thanks for getting back to us.

We've had our dev team look into the files and they've let us know that the issue is related to the transfer from Storyline 2 to 360. It seems that 360 doesn't fully support the "re-do assessment" functionality that was built into the original module. The functionality to only offer the questions that the learner answered incorrectly is custom code and is only supported in Storyline 2. The team has raised the issue with Articulate and have also researched the forums and found that it's been previously documented. Our understanding is that Articulate will likely address this in future releases of 360.

Thanks for your assistance and we look forward to seeing this functionality updated in a future release of 360.

Jase Ess

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply.

The dev team was from the outsourced Learning Provider who supplied us with the case and it was from their research that the issue was found upgrading from Storyline 2  to Storyline 360.

They have since recreated the quiz and rectified the issue for us. We have since tested and deployed after finding completely recreating the quiz in Storyline 360 fixed the upgrade issue.

Thanks for your replies and help! Have a great day ahead.

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