Storyline 360 quiz running very slowly when published

Hi Community

Sorry to bother you all again, but I have a new issue with SL 360.

I am using the latest version of 360 and I have developed a quiz with 11 banks of questions. The questions total 184 and need to be reviewed by the subject matter experts before I adjust the settings to selecting 25 random questions from the bank.

The problem is when published in either CD or LMS format it runs painfully slow, in fact it is confusing as you end up double clicking items as the interactions take so long to register. This does not happen if I 'preview' the entire project, it works great. The whole project is only 21MB with no large graphic files, sound or video.

I have also made the changes to select just 25 questions from the 184 and again published in CD and LMS format. These two outputs are quicker with just 25 questions selected, but it still runs a little slow.

I have also noticed on the published version that some of  the answers jitter/twitch when you select them, particularly the multiple select questions. 

I have looked on this site and it seems this is a known issue? I hope not, please can anyone help resolve this issue.

Kindest Regards

Adam Wells

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Crystal Horn

Hi Adam! No bother – the community and staff are always glad to lend a hand. 

  • Are you seeing the performance issues with multiple question banks in the output in a particular browser, or does it slow down in every browser?
  • We documented an issue with answer choices shifting when selected on published output viewed in Chrome. If you're seeing this issue in Chrome, can you let me know what version of Chrome you're using? 

If you can share your .story file with our team for a closer look, use this form. We'll do some testing and let you know what we see!

Adam Wells

Hi Crystal

Thank you for the reply.

My company uses Internet Explorer 11. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use Chrome.

We reviewed the whole quiz (184 questions) on a local hard drive and also from a network drive (not the LMS). I am aware that if published using the LMS version this can cause issues when not running it from an LMS. So I tried publishing in the CD version as is recommened on your site. This version runs very slowly and isn't really usable even just for review purposes. So I also tried publishing the LMS version, this ran much faster without issues, but still slow.

I have also published the quiz for just 25 questions randomly selected from the 184 questions in both the same ways as detailed above. The running speed has now improved with interactions now working close to what they should do. Again the published LMS version is quicker than the CD version

I don't understand why when we review all 184 questions it runs so slowly, the file is only 21MB. The final output of 25 questions from the banks is running ok, but not great. I have tried this on 4 different spec computers running the latest version of IE11.

I hope this makes sense and really appreciate your help.

Kindest Regards


Adam Wells

Hi Alyssa

Thank you for your help with this and sorry for the delay in replying, but I needed to get permission from my company to attach the file. Unfortunately I am not allowed to share this quiz as it is restricted. I could sanitize it by removing just the test, but this will take some time.

Regards Adam