Storyline 360 random videos freezing


I published a course on a web server which freezes in random videos. 

We face issues mainly when launching the course in IE. But we have no other choice because we cannot insist on every course attender to not to use IE.

We have done much research on the server side, but it seems that it's coming from Storyline 360. 
It went better when we updated the software, but still, some are freezing randomly. 

No way to reproduce the issue on cloud scorm. 
I've sent the file already using your share platform

Stack : 
Storyline 360 --version: 3.16.15842.0.
Host: Web server

Thanks in advance, 

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Crystal Horn

Hi James!  I was able to upload your file to a test server that we use, and the videos played for me in Internet Explorer 11.  I replied to your case that you submitted with a link to the output, and some additional questions.

If you could reply to the case via email, we'll figure out some next steps!  I'll update this discussion with a resolution for anyone following along.

James Stpatrick

I do have a couple of comments.

1. the video still froze maybe a dozen times on our LMS and I needed to wait for it to load which was annoying. I needed to often click on the NEXT or PREVIOUS button to recommence the video.

2. I ran the video originally with Chrome and it stops a few times.  I was not able to run the video at all with Internet Explorer.

Any tips to resolve this?
Thanks a lot


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi James, 

Thanks for that information. I see that Crystal sent you an email on May 31 sharing the following: 

Thanks for sharing your file with us. I uploaded your course to our test web server, and I was able to play it in IE 11 in my Windows 10 environment: (Link removed) 

Could you let me know if that link works for you? It'll help me determine if there's an issue with the file, or if it isn't playing on your particular server for some reason. 

When the course is freezing randomly, is it only happening on a certain computer, or were you getting reports from multiple users? I know you mentioned that IE in particular appeared troublesome, though not when loaded into SCORM Cloud. 

Also, are you planning on hosting the content in your LMS or on the web server? How does it perform in the LMS? 

I wanted to confirm that you saw this behavior testing her course in addition to yours?

If so, I'm going to reopen your case so that we can continue the troubleshooting there. 

Michael Jones

Hi James, 

I'm not entirely sure, but this sounds like something we faced with a project that used a number of video assets throughout the course. We didn't experience any issues, but the client couldn't get any of the videos to play in their system.

In our situation, we found that the issue was in how the MP4 videos were encoded before we inserted them into Storyline. Specifically, they weren't encoded for streaming/fast start playback, and therefore wouldn't play until the entire clip was loaded.

If that sounds like your situation, I suggest trying the steps in this article, or to re-encode the videos for streaming playback (this will depend on the specific video tool that you use). For us, we encoded as H.264 YouTube 720p Preset in Adobe Media Encoder. We also had some luck with using Handbrake to fix the issue on assets where we didn't have access to the source footage.

Hope that helps!