Storyline 360: Recorded screen output does not match actual steps done


I'm having some issues with the output information that is captured by Storyline 360 when I do "Record Screen" and then put the output as a "View mode steps" in my project, I have tried to record the steps in Excel of how to create a simple pivot table (add a number in a column invoice value, select a range, click "Insert Tab", select PivotChart, click ok, click the invoice type check) really simple step that I know I can be captured as im replicating the same steps I got with the training I received for this tool, but the output is incorrect... for start Storyline captures that I clicked the "Home Tab" instead of the "Insert Tab", or captures my typing incorrectly, first captures that I type a 3 and then 200, but I did a 3200, or does not get the correct button names of were I clicked.

I'm using windows 10, the software is installed locally, im saving my projects locally, im using office 365 excel application (not web).

My laptop resolution is set at 1920 x 1080 but when I do a "Record a Screen" and set up the resolution to full screen I get a resolution of 1536 x 864 on the record tray, not sure if this could be the issue?

thanks in advance for your help!




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