Storyline 360 - Recording a screen / Exporting to slides / Publishing as Word


my team wants to use Storyline 360 for some technical documentation - recording click paths, adding some additional steps and then exporting it as a word file. I have a couple of questions regarding that:

1) How deeply is it possible to customize the outcome - how Storyline "reads" our actions - clicking, scrolling etc. For example, I would like the action to read: Enter new tab instead of Enter "new tab"

2) Is it possible to customize the shapes in which Storyline adds actions "Click..." etc. I would like them to have different color, smaller font. The more can be done automatically with less manual effort - the better.

3) Is it possible to customize the template of the word document I want to publish the screen cast in? I'd like to add title page, some footer, page numbers etc. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arkadiusz, 

1) You could edit the captions after the fact - they'd be created as a standard text box, so feel free to make adjustments there! 

2) The caption shapes are a default setting in Storyline and that can't be changed prior to creating the screen recording with captions, but you're welcome to change their shape, size, color after the recording has been created. Keep in mind that they are automatically inserting to account for where the "click" occurred and to not block what the user does need to click on or see.

3) You could all all those items once you've created the Word document from the Publish dialogue, but there is not a way to set that up in Storyline to be consistent across all your published courses.

Hope that helps!