Storyline 360 Resources menu - File icon translation question

I'm using Storyline 360 to develop a French course. I linked a video in the Resources menu, but when I published the course, the text on the icon for the video says "FILE" in English:

Example of icon in resources menu

The player text labels language is set to French (France), and I've also checked through the labels text but couldn't find it. I've looked for the icon in the published files and couldn't find it there either.


Does anyone know how to change the text on the "File" icon in the Resources menu? Or how to change the icon to one with no text on it?


Here is a screenshot of my story_content folder. All I see is the icon which is used in the classic player, but my project is using the modern player so the icon looks like the one above:

Screenshot of story_content folder

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Seth Ozen

After publishing your file:

  1. Go to Storyline output\story_content
  2. Identify the .png file (icon) for every resource you might have
  3. At this point modify or create new .png to your liking
  4. Keep the file names the same

Original dimensions are 16x16. You can go higher (use caution) keeping the ratio the same.

Seth Ozen

VLC seems to have taken over your file associations. Correct that when you can and associate pic files with an appropriate editor/viewer.

From the picture, it looks like you have added a url in the resources (url.png). If that's correct that's the file you need to change.

If you have multiple resources attached, look for pic files with .png extension with funny file names. Open them up in an editor and determine that it is in fact what's showing as an icon in the Resources tab and edit/change it. 

Hope it helps.

roberta everson

Thanks again Seth, but I haven't added anything to my Storyline output file. It would be fine if the icon looked like the VLC icon, but it looks like a piece of paper that says "File" on it:

Example of icon in resources menu

I need the icon to be either translated or changed to a different one with no text, but if it looked like the VLC icon it wouldn't be a problem. In my screenshot, the file in the resources menu with the "File" icon is a video.