Storyline 360 responses to 255 characters when sending to LMS

Sorry for my bad english (I'm french) but I will try...
I have a problem with my Articulate file. I did a "essay questions" (5000 characters limit) but when I publish the file on the LMS, it truncates the answer to the first 255 characters.
Do I have to change something in the SCORMFunctions.js file ? (I tried to change all of the 255 above to 5000, but I still have the problem) or does the problem come from the LMS ?
Does anyone else have this problem?

Thanks a lot !


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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Fred!

It looks like you got some good community advice around the suspend_data element from Sam (thank you, Sam!).

For more details on the topic and possible fix, we have this resource:

Also, a great move to open a support case! Our team suggested seeing how the content works in SCORM Cloud, a free LMS testing tool, where we can lend a hand. If you can share the file, please use this unique upload link.