Storyline 360: Review and Retry Only Incorrect Questions

Aug 18, 2020

I'm stuck on a quiz where I want the learners to be able to review and retry only their incorrect questions. The quiz requires 100% to pass. I've switched from using variables to Storyline 360's native review/retry functions per my client's request.

It's working well, skipping the correct questions and only taking the learner to the questions they got wrong. However, I'm stuck on where to have the learner jump to when retrying the quiz. I've followed the sample file posted by Articulate that shows "Jump to slide 1.2 Question 1 when user clicks Retry Button." However, even if the learner has gotten question 1 right, it still goes to question 1. I want the learner to jump back to the first question that they got wrong... my concern is that, if they keep jumping back to question 1 upon retrying the quiz, they will think their answer is incorrect and possibly keep changing it, resulting in multiple retries and a lot of frustration for the learner.

I've tried different slide properties on the Results slide for When Revisiting and still not having any luck. Anyone out there have any ideas?


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Amy Cozart-Lundin

Thank you, Steve. I tried this and it jumps to the blank slide without skipping it, which could cause some confusion as the learner still needs to click Next from that slide to the first missed question. I know in theory that works with using variables (I've seen the quick skip/flash happen in that instance), but it doesn't appear to work with Storyline 360's native retry functions. 

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