Storyline 360 seekbar drag forward restrictions?

Hello all,

I need your help. I have a client wanting to use the "allow user to drag seekbar" option for their courses. They have a condition, though. They do not want to allow the students to be able to drag the slider forward more than what they have viewed.

For example: If my slide is 60 seconds long. I viewed 40 seconds of the slide. I can drag the slide back from 40 seconds to the beginning, but cannot drag it forward pass 40 seconds.

Anyone tried this option?

Thank in advance.

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Crystal Horn

Hey Ted.  There isn't a way to set the seekbar up with those conditions.  We have recently released the conditional seekbar, though!  The first time through the slide, the learner will need to view the entire timeline.  Once the timeline is viewed, they'll be able to scrub the seekbar.  Check out the details here.

Leslie McKerchie

I understand, Ted.

Hopefully, someone in the community will be able to chime in and share a design idea for you.

The built-in seekbar only has the three options shown here in the player options:

I'm not sure what your other slide requirements may be, but another option is that you may be able to set the slide to 'Reset to Initial State' if a Rewind option is needed as you can see in this documentation.

Ted Nguyen

Leslie thanks. They wanted the ability to pause the course. Drag the slider progress, bar back and forth, while viewing the course.

The condition is that. The students can not drag the slider any further forward then what they have viewed. So, for example, the slide might still have 30 second left and the student view 40 seconds already. They can't drag the progress bar any further than the 40 seconds. They must view the last 30 seconds in order more forward.

The main condition is to restrict the student from dragging the slider bar further. No further than the length of the content they viewed per slide. It is taking the "allow user to drag seekbar" and add that condition to it.

Hope it make sense.