Storyline 360 Show Layer Conditionally

Jun 19, 2019

Hi all.

I'm working on a slide, and here's the situation. I want to show layer "MCQ" but only after users have visited each of the other layers, AND watched a video on one of those layers. Each show layer trigger is fired by clicking a group (steps 1-4), and the video has an adjust T/F variable (AAAA) trigger to fire when the media completes. 

There's a trigger to show the MCQ layer if states of every layer are 'visited' (actually custom states, AND variable AAAA is true. Does the order of these in the trigger make a significant difference? I'd like users to be able to visit the layers (including watching the video) in any order they choose.

In addition, the MCQ layer would ideally stay visible once it appears, and users could return to other layers while still having MCQ remain visible.

I've attached a sample file with my current triggers, variables, etc. in place.

Thanks, Matt

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David Schwartz

Hi Matt,

I hope this helps some. Got the triggers working as desired, but I was not 100% clear on what you want visible on the base layer once the MCQ layer is active. Also, I didn't change the animation on the MCQ layer, so once it is available, right now it animates on every change of layer.

Essentially, I changed your trigger to launch at the start of each timeline of base layer and other layers, and it will display the MCQ layer when the other layers have been visited and AAAA is set to true (you had it keying off of a change to that variable, but once it has changed, it will not change again.) 

I added my trigger to each of the layers, and on the video layer, I added a version of it that gets triggered after the media completes, and so turns on the MCQ layer then if the other layers have been visited.


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