Storyline 360 Simulations Not Working Properly in IE 11.0.9600.19100CO

I just created a module with 10 simulations for a client that runs perfectly for me in my versions of IE, Edge, Safari, and Chrome.  But the client reports some of their staff still have a slightly older version of IE (11.0.9600.19100CO), and they say the simulations don't function properly; they click where indicated and the simulation doesn't always react.  They have no issues with their company's install of Chrome.

Is this just a case of the client having a version of IE that's no longer compatible with the latest version of Storyline 360?  The only other thing I can think is that for security reasons, we had to capture all the simulations in Storyline 2 on the client's PC, and I had to import them all into my Storyline 360 for development.  But that seems unlikely to be a factor.

Has anyone else run across this?  I've advised the client we may need to put a notice at the beginning of the module, specifying which browsers/versions work. Ironically, the client's software application we're capturing works well in Chrome, and not in IE.

Thanks for any helpful thoughts.

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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Alyssa--Based on additional testing on the client's side, I think there is an issue with the simulations because they were created originally in Storyline 2, then imported into Storyline 360.

I had created other modules for this client for another software simulation series, but was allowed to use my own laptop for the screen captures of that environment, and therefore was able to use Storyline 360.  Those simulations launched fine in the client's slightly older version of IE in both Articulate Review and via their LMS (SuccessFactors).

But for this larger module now, we couldn't gain access to the environment through my guest ID, and had to resort to using the client's install of Storyline 2, then import the files into my Storyline 360.  They report that these simulations don't play properly either in Articulate Review or (in subsequent testing yesterday) via their LMS when using their older version of IE.  They play fine for the client on Chrome, but Chrome is not the company's default browser--the older IE still is.  And as it's a huge corporation, the end users aren't allowed to update IE on their own.  But clearly it's not an LMS-only issue, as they don't work in Articulate Review when they use that version of IE.

Also, I did notice something else weird about these imported files: when I went to alter the color scheme on the Feedback Master, the colors didn't render properly.  In other words, if I chose a different blue fill from the default, it looked correct in the Master view, but back in developer view or in preview, the colors were off: blue became red, red became purple, etc.  I finally resorted to making the Feedback/hint layers black & white, because at least those two still rendered properly.

This was a lot of screen captures (10 lessons, from 5 to 22 slides each), and the module is already in review phase.  Because of their security limitations, and our time limitations, doing them over is not really an option anyway.  But we face a real challenge if their LMS launch opens their older IE browser by default and our simulations don't work.  

Can tech support help?  I will open a case, as this wrinkle jeopardizes our ability to launch this whole project, and the deadline to deliver is in a few weeks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for starting a case and I saw you were working with Richard on this.

He was able to replicate the issue you ran into where the color set on a feedback master is different on the feedback layers, and this occurs when using questions slides from the Content Library. That issue has been reported to our team for some additional exploration so we'll keep you posted.

It looks like he was still testing the issues with IE and the playback, so I'll follow along as well! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eboni,

I"m sorry you've run into the same issue as Shannon and Andrew. I took a look at both cases and noted that they were doing some additional testing of a course my team published and were going to report back (I don't see any updates yet though). 

If you're hitting the same roadblock, can you also check what version of Storyline you're using? You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". The latest update of Storyline 360 is build 3.23.17480.0.

If you're not on that update, can you try publishing with that? 

Amy Pennington


We purchased modules from a vendor that are not working in IE. We get a black screen. 

They created them in Storyline 3 and we are using the Inquisiq LMS.  We have not had this problem with modules that we create.  We are using IE version 11.648.17134.0.  We do not have access to the Storyline file and only have access to the zip package.  Any thoughts?

I have tried Tracy's idea of putting in the Meta code in the Index files.  I also check IE using the developer tools and we are set at IE 7 as the default.  If i change the compatibility view and remove our website it works. I can't ask the company to do this. I know I'm close to a solution and just can't get there.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Amy!

Appreciate your update, and be sure to let us know how the new package works. If you need a hand with testing the LMS package, we're happy to take a closer look!

If that works for you, you can upload the published output privately to our Support team here. We'll delete the file after troubleshooting.