Storyline 360 state issues since update 3.12.14612.0

I did the update this morning and since I have issues on things that worked perfectly yesterday.

On my base layer I have an image with several states. A button diplays another layer. The first trigger on this layer is used to change the state of my base layer image at the beginning of the timeline, and it doesn't work anymore at all neither in preview nore in publication...

I'm at the end of a big project with short deadline and all my slides are affected.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Juliet and Anne-Mette,

I'm so sorry for the trouble this has caused you - I'm glad you both have connected with our Support team here so that we can get a copy of your project file and look at ways we can resolve this. 

Anne-Mette, I saw you also posted in this forum discussion, so our team will be in touch as soon as they can! 

Crystal Horn

Hi Julien and Anne-Mette! I'm happy to let you know that we've rolled out a fix for an issue with states that could cause some features to fail in HTML5 output. For example, slides might not load, hover states might not work, or drag-and-drop submit buttons might be unresponsive.

To take advantage of this fix, launch your desktop app and follow these steps to install the latest release of Storyline 360.

Thanks for working through this one with us, and let us know how you make out!

Joanna Williams

I am having the same issues after version v3.12.14647.0. Interactions and variables that were working are now not working. Buttons are now stalling. It was originally publishing at HTML5/Flash but now it only works if I use Flash/HTML5.  My company's laptops will not allow Flash. So this isn't going to work.

IMC Learning

Hi Ashley (and everyone)

We also encountered significant issues after upgrading to 3.12.14612.0 but the patch 3.12.14647.0. seem to be working fine. Although, we have not tested the entire project source files (with different implementations). 

I will write again if we find anything else, that may help other community members and the SL staff. 



Matthew Bibby

Thanks for the update Ashley and Tyson. 

Like Julien, I'm sticking with version 3.11.... for now.

I'm concerned about the number of new bugs that are being introduced in recent updates. With SL2, I always updated Storyline as soon as a new update was available and I don't recall this ever being an issue.

However, now that SL is being updated more often (yay!) it seems that some things might be slipping through the cracks as far as quality assurance goes. As a result, I don't feel that same level of confidence when updating. And that's a shame.

Anyway, I'm sure Articulate will get these hiccups sorted...