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I have a freeform quiz question that I have alt tagged in my course. I have updated the alt tagging in the master slide and feedback slide settings. I have reviewed the items on my base layer and slide layers to verify the settings of what I want hidden and what I want visible. The slide layer properties are set to prevent using from clicking on base layer.

 When I click on Tab Order, the layers come up first on the list, not in order, and then the base layer is at the bottom. How can this be fixed to have the base layer appear first on the list.




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Daniel Cooper

Hmm... just discovered this. It's my first experience of Storyline, and I'm updating an existing course. There's a quiz base layer/correct/incorrect/hint stack of layers. The previous person seems to have neglected accessibility altogether! The tab order is currently stacked the same way, so will screen readers be reading the hint layer first, which is on top at the moment? Do I flip it all? Or do I just sort tabs in each layer and leave them in the stack order with the base at the bottom?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Daniel!

I'd recommend customizing the Tab Order to reflect which objects the user will move to when using keyboard-only navigation.

For example, if the Hint layers are shown after the user clicks a button on the base layer then the button needs to be in the tab order above the objects on the Hint Layer. 

If you have a sample project we can look at, feel free to attach it to this discussion!

Daniel Cooper

Thank you Lauren. Here is a simpler slide, just to make sure I'm on the right path. I've put the more complicated ones aside until I'm sure, so as to not waste effort. I've done a bit of that already! 

I'll try them out with NVDA, but I'm sure there's a steep learning curve with that too!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Daniel!

Thank you for sharing your project!

It looks like the text boxes are behind the other slide content. The order is why NVDA isn't reading off the text first. It also looks like the first items in the Tab Order are from Speak up Instructions 2, which is the third layer. Make sure the Tab Order reflects the path a user needs to go to understand the content. The text on the first slide should be at the top of the Tab Order rather than content on an additional layer.

I'd also recommend moving the objects to the beginning of the timeline unless it is necessary for understanding the content.

I've recorded a quick Peek explaining how to make these changes! Here's the link.