Storyline 360 Tabbing/Accessibility Issues


My Storyline 360 is completely up-to-date and yet I am having difficulty with the functionality of the tab order in a couple situations:

1.  When there are layers, tabbing is not working properly.  Correct tab ordering yields quite a different output.

2.  Many objects on the built-in quizzes cannot be hidden from tabbing.  These are random rectangles, lines, and ovals that will frustrate those using screen readers.

Is there anything I can do?  Should I revert to a previous version of Storyline? 

Thanks for any and all help!

All the Best,


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Katie Riggio

So sorry for the head-scratching, Stephen. Let's tackle both scenarios together!

  1. Incorrect tabbing with layers: Do you have the 'Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer' option enabled on your layers? If so, we have a bug where tabbing does not follow the Tab Order in layers if that property is checked.

  2. Hide objects from tabbing: Have you checked the accessibility for the objects that do not need to be detected by the screen reader? On your quiz slide, right-click on each element that should be hidden and then click on Accessibility to see if the object is visible.