Storyline 360: Text boxes truncated when viewed in latest version of Chrome. Mozilla OK.

Mar 14, 2019


I am doing minor updates on a storyline 360 course that was produced and published by a professional in June last year and that has worked perfectly (not in IE but that’s ok) until now.

Now I (not a professional - original developer not available) have to change the logo on slide 1 of each chapter– it does not appear anywhere else. Only on slide 1. So not a big deal. Nothing else is touched in the files. Then I save with a different name, republish the new file (LMS, SCORM 1.2, Modern Player) and then zip and upload it to our moodle website online. This has worked 100% fine for the first 5 chapters of the course.

But on slide 4 of CH 6, the left-most 2 text boxes and text appear truncated when CH 6 is launched via our website in Chrome.  See attached. However it works perfectly in Mozilla. I am using the most updated Storyline AND Chrome versions. And to make matters worse, now when I re-upload the original file from 1 year ago I am getting the same problem of truncated text boxes in Chrome - where there wasn't a problem for the last year.  And 100% fine in Mozilla.

Any advice welcome as real problem for us not having a 100% working course on a live website

Many thanks

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