storyline 360 text size limit

Oct 10, 2020


I am trying to setup a template from my PowerPoint presentation template.  Since storyline 360 looks like Powerpoint I figured my template would  work in storyline 360, not true.

I have text licensing text at the bottom of my template: Arial 6 pt.  Storyline 360 will only go down to 8 pt.  Why is that?



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Richard Hanson

Interesting, there are 2 ways to access the font information, the little window that pops up when you highlight text and then the one where you select font from the dropdown menu. 

The little font tool does not allow arial font selection below 8 pt, but the dropdown menu selected font tool does allow the selection of 6 pt.

Someone needs to check on this and correct the littlle font tool please



Oh and this can be closed after the error has been captured for the programmers

Lauren Connelly

Hello Richard!

I see the same on my end as well when changing the font size in the pop-up window. However, you can type in any value under 8pt in the Font section. Please let me know if you don't see that option.

I'll share with our team that changing the font size in the pop-up window doesn't accept anything under 8pt. I also wanted to share that you can change the font size by using the Grow Font and Shrink Font buttons. Here's what they look like:

Thank you for sharing this with us! I'll keep you updated in this discussion.

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