Storyline 360 TinCan Not Recording Completion on LMS

May 24, 2019

I have several courses published with the latest version of Storyline 360 in HTML5 w/ Flash Fallback in TinCan instead of SCORM and the courses do not register a completion on the LMS if the course tracks via Quiz Results Slide or Slide Count. It only tracks the completion if I use the Completion Trigger tracking. 

The reason this is an issue is because we are an LMS system ourselves, and we have tons of clients that are going to be republishing their courses in TinCan and as few steps for republishing as possible will help tremendously. We can't expect every client to have to add a completion trigger to every course when they republish. 

Anyone else experiencing this issue? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jennifer! I don't see other reports of this issue with Tin Can output in the latest version of Storyline 360, so I'd love to have a closer look.

We have this guide for enabling debug mode in Storyline output to see what communication flows from the course to the LMS. If you can create a debug log to share with us, or share an example course where completion is failing to report using the quiz results, that will be really helpful!

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