Storyline 360 - to retake the entire quiz for a second time only

Hi Community

I need your kind help please. (I am using the latest version of SL 360)

I have a customer who wants a course prerequisite eLearning test. This test will allow a learner a second chance to take the complete quiz again if they fail, not just the questions answered incorrectly. But he wants to restrict the learner to 2 attempts only. After that they will not be allowed to take the quiz again unless they re-register for the course again.

The questions are all drawn randomly from question banks and there will be no review of the right or wrong answers. This part it seems I have mastered

I look forward to any help provided.

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Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Adam,

I would set the player settings to not resume when reopening. This is so that when students attempt the quiz again, they have to go through all the questions again.

Are you using any LMS? The setting to restrict attempts would be in here.

Hope this is helpful to you in some way.




Adam Wells

Hi Jeff

Thank you for your quick response. I have just realized that by unchecking the 'Reset only incorrect questions' check box on the RETRY trigger option, seems to ensure that they do all questions again, whether they got them right or wrong.

We are using an LMS, but I was under the impression that restricting to two attempts only had to be done in SL 360? I will contact our LMS administrator and see if it can be done.

Thanks and Regards



Christine Wamble

Hi Alyssa,

I found this to be very helpful, however I am still missing something. 

I am trying to create a template where I can enter more questions in the future and have all assessments for the same course have the same look. 

I set up the triggers as stated in the limit attempts tutorial and when I attempt to click the retry button I get "the spinning wheel of doom." I have tried restarting 360 and the computer. I have also tried deleting all triggers and variables and starting over again. 

I will attach my project and appreciate any help you [or anyone else] is able to give. I have been working with Articulate for 1.5 weeks and trying to get the hang of everything. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Christine!

Thanks for sharing your project!

It looks like we just need to change the order of the triggers. On the Results Slide, I moved the "Jump to Slide" trigger above both "Add Value" and "Reset Results" triggers. That did the trick!

I'm attaching the updated project to this reply. Please let me know if you have any questions.