Storyline 360 to WordPress for scientific studies—How?

Nov 20, 2021

We are behavioral scientists and complete newbies to anything remotely technical.  We need to publish and compare the effectiveness of mass distributions of three different versions of an intervention using pre- and post- scores on questionnaires.  So we would need to retrieve the results in a format to put on a spreadsheet in order to compute means and standard deviations of scores on different questions for each version in order to compare their effectiveness.  We’ve looked at all the tutorials but cannot find a way to make it work.  Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Pablo Miller

Thank you Matthew.

From what I can tell, LearnDash provides a lot of information on individual learners, but does not give the results in a format useful to us.     

We want to upload Articulate Storyline 360 modules to our WordPress site and test each version of a module on about 100 users, using pre- and post- survey questions.  Then we need to have data from the users in a format which allows us to do statistical analyses on scores for each question for each  version.   

I'm in charge of this part of the project, and have spent the last 4 days trying to figure out what is needed and how to do it.   I've communicated with  Articulate support and read and viewed tutorials but it all assumes a level of technical knowledge we don't have. 

I just keep running into sentences such as …"The Experience API (Tin Can API) is an open source API. It is a Representational state transfer web service that uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)" …. which leave me completely befuddled :-) 

It doesn't seem like it should be terribly difficult, but it's been impossible to find anybody to explain how to do this to us complete idiots. We would happily pay somebody to show us how to do it. 

Robert P. “Pablo” Miller, PhD

Visiting Professor,  Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences
University of Virginia,  Charlottesville, VA