Storyline 360 Tracking of answers

Hello together, 

I am planning to execute a quiz within Artciulate 360. It consist out of 10 questions, each on a separate slide. There is no right or wrong answer (personality quiz, like are you this type of person or the other one). Coming to my question, is it possible to count how often a person clicked on the left button or on the right button on each slide and sum it up at the end of the slide show?

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Matthew Bibby

Please correct me if I've misunderstood.

You have two variables that are used to count the visits? And you want to add them together to display the total? If so, create a trigger with the following options selected:

Action: Adjust Variable

Variable: [One of the variables you are using to count the visits]

Operator: + Add

Value: Variable / [The other variable you are using to count the visits]

Hope that helps!