Storyline 360 triggers wizard

Jun 15, 2020

Hi to all....

I wondering as to why the trigger wizard is different between Storyline 360 and Storyline 3....As its supposed to be the same?

I am trying to follow some tutorials and find very confusing to follow the instructions...The book shown an image different from Storyline 360

I have attached both trigger images to make it a bit clear.

My 360/3  book trigger (trigger.png)

Storyline 360 (trigger 360.png)




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Owen Court

Hi Vince!

I'm no wizard myself but it looks like the version you've taken a screenshot of "Trigger_360.png" looks to be the new trigger wizard inside of Storyline 360.

This can be changed around if you go to "file" > "Storyline options" > "Features" and there should be an option to turn on and off the new Trigger wizard.

Give that a try and report back!



Vincent Aranda

Hi Owen....

Thanks for your reply and apologies for my late response to you (been away for couple days)

You are 100% correct !! I followed your suggestion and turn it off, unselected the tick and gave me the "classic" trigger workflow...(I never knew that option existed)

I was going crazy trying to follow a tutorial !!

Once again, thanks very much for your help !!

Regards from Australia


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