Storyline 360 Try It Mode Issue


Hoping you can help. In a screen recording, I'd like the 
learner to change a number in a cell from 45 to 27. It is clearly recorded 
in the demo by performing the necessary actions, but when it gets inserted 
into Storyline, there is no action to let the learner change the number 
from 45 to 27.

The learner is able to click in the cell that has the number 45, but as 
soon as *Enter* is recorded as a screen action, the number changes from 45 
to 27 automatically on the next screen. The learner does not have the 
option of inserting the number 27 into a is done automatically, 
the screen jumps from the screen that has 45 on it to the screen that has 
the number 27 on it.

I recorded this screen at least 5 times, and I'm getting the same results.

Is there a way to manually add a click action?

I can send you the .story file if that helps.

As always, thank you for your help.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Carol!

Thanks for bringing this up and for connecting with our Support team. I see that Ronaziel uncovered:

It looks like the action to type a new value to the cell is not being recognized in the screen recording, which results in no action being created for it. As a workaround, you may need to add it manually. 

Let us know if the tailored steps she shared fixes the issue!