Storyline 360 try slides submit button

Hello! I'm running into an issue in storyline that I can't find an answer to. When I build try slides for a software demo sometimes there are slides where you need to enter text. I want it to be when someone enters the last character of the text, if it's correct that the slideshow progresses. What happens now is they enter the text, and have to click submit before it progresses. How can I get rid of needing that submit trigger to make the slideshow progress?

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Karen Badham

Thank you for the response Jeff!

I think I could, but the same problem would still exist. I want learners to seamlessly transition to the next slide after they type the correct thing. So for example one of the things they need to do is log in. What I want is they click the username field, enter the username, click the password field, enter the password, click the login button. In the real word we would not press enter after typing the username or password in this sequence of events, so it's awkward to ask the learner to do that in the same way that it's awkward to use the submit button. I hope that clarifies things!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Could you set the submission based on where the learner would click next? i.e. submit the username when they click the password field, submit the password when they click the login button, and so on.

You can add triggers to do so based on a learner clicking an item or even a hotspot.