Storyline 360: Variables, triggers, and lightboxes

Good morning!

I've attached a story that I'd appreciate someone taking a look at. This is one scene, the FAQs, linked to the main menu. The text on the main menu has a state change to change an arrow to a checkmark once that section is visited. The triggers are set up on the last page in each scene. 

It all works fine except for this FAQ section. This section was working fine. Visiting each question then closing that slide changed the state of each question to complete. Once all six questions were complete, when I returned to the main menu, the FAQs text state changed too. 

Then I changed my slides from regular slides to lightboxes and this no longer works. Why does it not work with a lightbox if the triggers are Set XComplete equals true when the timeline starts? Again, this was all working perfectly before switching to lightboxes.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for sharing your file with us! Unfortunately there isn't a way to restart the timeline of Side 1.1 FAQs since you cannot add a trigger to the red X button on a Lightbox slide. Instead, you might want to try adding these triggers to each hotspot. Be sure the "Change state" trigger is on top of the "Lightbox" trigger, since you'll want the change state to happen first. 

I made the change in your file - take a peek, and let me know if this set up will work for you!

Cheryl Hoover

Leslie, I removed all the other scenes related to several of the variables for simplicity sake. The only variables that apply to these groups are the FAQComplete and FAQPageComplete. The last slide in each scene is set to change the variable to True when the timeline starts.

Cheryl Hoover

I see how that part is working, Alyssa. Thank you very much for that. But why doesn't it work the other way using variable changes when the timeline starts? I need to get the main menu item to change state based on the changed variable. It's working for all main menu sections except the one with the lightboxes, and I don't get why the lightbox can't use a "when timeline starts" trigger to change a variable. I hope that makes sense!

Alyssa Gomez

I understand what you're saying, Cheryl. The reason why the triggers aren't working is because the state of the icon is triggered to change to Complete when the timeline starts on Slide 1.1. However, the timeline of Slide 1.1 is not restarting each time a lightbox is closed. You can tell the timeline is not restarting because the seekbar below the slide does not reload.

I added two additional triggers to the file I attached previously. These triggers will change the arrow icon on the Menu slide to a checkmark once the learner has viewed all 6 lightboxes on the FAQ page. Here is a link to the published version for quick testing.

Cheryl Hoover

I was proud of myself for setting these variables up with no issues, particularly the dual level part. I've used variables in the past but not a ton, and this time through it was quick and easy. Then I was excited about the lightboxes because this was my first time using them (many thanks to David and Tom in the Live sessions). So I'm glad there's a way to make those state changes work.

Thanks again so much! Cheryl

ps - thanks for the reminder on naming my objects. Bad habit.