StoryLine 360 vs StoryLine 2

Nov 09, 2016

I use StoryLine 2 and have become accustomed to all of its quirks, and mods, and little hacks that I need to do with it to give the best presentation possible to my users.

Now I see this "StoryLine 360" as part of the Articulate 360 Studio, and I'd like to get some answers to some questions.

1) Can I expect the same types of quirks that I have with SL2, which I am totally fine with btw now that I have adapted to them?  Or is SL360 more or less a completely different product and should not be treated the same as SL2.

2)  What exactly are the differences?   It would be nice to have or see some sort of a checklist of things that SL360 has that SL2 does not.   I get that the articulate 360 package has the full gamut of Articulate products (the very vast majority of which I won't use, personally), but simply comparing one storyline to the other, I need to know if I need to take the time to make a change or not.  

Any information or advice is greatly appreciated.  I'm concerned by what i'm seeing, mostly because I simply don't understand it.

thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi A C!

Can you tell me a bit more about what you want to sync the voiceover with? Are you wanting to Sync voiceover in Storyline 360 or Rise?

To edit the theme in Rise, click Settings, and select the Theme tab. From there, you can upload a logo, add a cover photo, and customize the theme.


The templates found in Content Library are for Storyline 360 and Studio 360. To access the Content Library from Storyline 360, click the Slides tab, then click Content Library.

From there, you will find all of the templates that can be used with Storyline 360. Select the template slide(s) you would like to use, then click Insert Slide.

Does this help answer your question? Please let me know if you would like any further information!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi AC,

Access to Content Library is currently only within Storyline and Studio, but it's included on our roadmap for Rise and should be rolled out within Q1 of '17. We'll keep folks posted in the Community forums and by updating our What's New Page and Rise Versions History. 

Within Rise you can change elements such as the overall color, cover image, theme font, etc. You'll find those in the top right hand corner of a Rise course when you choose "Settings" 

Let us know if you need anything else! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi AC,

There isn't a way to bring the Content Library themes, templates or characters into Rise currently - although it is on the roadmap. 

Within Rise there isn't an audio sync to text yet, but I'd want to know a bit more about what you're looking to accomplish? Rise doesn't have the same type of animation of text, which is often what is being synced with the audio. 

I also wanted to share this article on how to choose the right e-learning authoring tool, as it may help clarify when and where you'd use Rise vs. Storyline. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nat,

Yes - on day one of Storyline 3, anything you've got and made in Storyline 360 should open and work. But as things are continually added to Storyline 360 as new features, that's when it may no longer work with Storyline 3 (perhaps until Storyline 3 gets an update, or depending on what the feature is not at all) so that's where the two would depart paths again. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Rise isn't set up to allow for imports from Storyline 2 (or Storyline 360). Each of the tools are a bit different and have some different features and set ups that you may want to take a look at. You can see this article for some additional breakdowns of which tool to use for which job. 

With that being said, Storyline 360 does have a responsive player to allow for a better experience on mobile devices. 

Peter Burn

I used to pay 1,000 USD to SumTotal every year for ToolBook Support and upgrades...for one program.  I did buy Storyline 2 when it came out but didn't use it for any income generating jobs because our main client is 100% Flash free and loves ToolBook.  The annual 999$ for Articulate 360 is reasonable, especially with the support being fantastic for people like me who have used only ToolBook for many years.  Our company will never use Studio and though Review is a darn good feature (I used it extensively on the last major project), we have 10 Captivate Prime seats for functional demos of any SCORM we produce and Trevantis Review Link for ToolBook and Captivate projects.  I like Storyline 360's HTML5 and responsive functionality compared to Captivate and if I have a choice, will use Storyline 360 whenever possible.  Conclusion: subscription price is fair and reasonable.



ryan Goodsell

Hi there, just to ad to this, will there at any point be a feature on Storyline360 where I can 'save as' a version 2? I know the first direct answer from you guys is "NO, 360 is not backwards compatible"  But could/Will this be implemented at all? Or am I SOL? Would I need to REMAKE EVERYTHING again in Storyline2? I had the silly assumption that I could 'save-as' an older version for others to edit and such.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ryan,

I can't say for certain as I'm not one of our programmers, nor is that item on a roadmap I've seen, but my initial thought would be that there isn't a "save as version 2" feature that will be implemented in Storyline 360. Since Storyline 360 changed a lot of individual slide elements (such as the addition of dials), publishing settings like publish to HTML5 only, and other internal changes they're different pieces of software. We are still working on Storyline 3 which will be released sometime this year. On the day that is released, you'll be able to open your Storyline 360 projects in Storyline 3, but as Storyline 360 continues to get updates those files will no longer be able to be opened in Storyline 3. So if you were unable to continue your subscription you could look instead at purchasing a perpetual Storyline 3 license. If you'd want to discuss the specifics of this, I'd suggest reaching out to our Success team about upgrade pricing and loyalty discounts. 

Marcos Dutra

I absolutely hated the subscription news. For small agencies, the annual downpayment is too  much of a risk.
I simply don't trust Articulate to support Storyline 2. I have Storyline 1 and it is not supported on Windows 10 anymore!!! I'm afraid that I buy a product that will be discontinued soon.
It would be better if Articulate discontinued Storyline for good when they launched the incedibly expensive 360.

steven Wu

Is there a way people can just purchase a licensed copy of SL 360? There are many different programs that my company will not be using, but we are looking for an upgrade. However, it wouldn't make sense to purchase a subscription for multiple applications when SL is the only program we will be using. 

I tested out SL 360 and really liked the superior HTML5 support. The font came out more crisp and the HTML5 looked identical to Storyline preview mode. Really wish that could have been an update for SL2. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven, 

Currently you'd only have access to Storyline 360 as a part of the entire Articulate 360 subscription, but we know that some folks aren't able to use the subscription model so we'll have a new release of Storyline perpetual license sometime this year - that'll have all the features you're seeing in SL360 in terms of HTML5 publish, interactions such as dials, etc. Things that won't be included are elements such as publishing to Articulate Review or Content Library. We'll keep you posted on the release of Storyline 3 - and it's also worth noting that the day Storyline 3 comes out, you'll also be able to open your Storyline 360 projects in that version so if you've been using the subscription, you can still look at using your projects in Storyline 3.

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