Storyline 360 web output needs Flash to view in mobile


When I view my Storyline output published for the web on the desktop it displays. When I try to view on the mobile, I get the following message:

"The course cannot be played because Flash is unavailable in your browser."

I installed the Articulate Mobile Player but I still get the same message.





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Nancy Woinoski

You did not say what version of Storyline you are using but you f you are using Storyline 2 then you need to select the html5 option if the publishing options if you want your course to run on mobile devices .

if you are using Storyline 360 you need to select an option the has html5 as one of the publish options. 

Andrea Jones

Thank you for your response. Yes I published a Storyline 360 output. None of
the options (Articulate 360, Articulate online, web, LMS) allow the option
Html5 only. Each one has the option "HTML5 with Flash fallback".

The only methods of publishing without the "HTML5 with Flash fallback"
option are CD and Word. Word does not help me as I am trying to create
interactive output. And CD method for publishing is giving me the same
message. Please see link below.