Storyline 360 Wipe Exit Animation in Chrome Issue

Hi there,

Very recently I've noticed a problem with the Wipe exit animation on a group when viewing the published project in Chrome and Edge. It seems to be working fine in Firefox.

The issue: In my project I have several text boxes grouped together with a white rectangle. The Wipe entrance and Wipe exit animations are applied to the group. At the end of the group duration, the white rectangle wipes off, but last textbox inside the group remains on the slide while the white rectangle wipes off behind it, and the text box disappears when the group duration ends. I checked to make sure the end points of the rectangle and the last text box are lined up with eachother inside the group on the timeline, and they are. There is no entrance or exit animations on the white rectangle itself. The slide is a little bit long, so I've also attached a screenshot of this bug happening (about 3/4 through the slide).

I've published the example slide where this is happening to Review 360:

I've also attached the Storyline file with the slide in it if you'd like to take a look, I've cleaned out the images for client security. It looks fine on preview, it just happens when the file is published and viewed in Chrome or Edge, both when viewed locally or on my FTP.

These are the browsers I'm currently using:
Chrome (version 86.0.4240.111)
Edge (version 86.0.622.48)
Firefox (version 81.0.2 (64-bit))

Storyline 360 v3.44.23192.0

I've already submitted a ticket with support, but is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there anything that you've done to fix this?

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