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Eric Richko

I find lately if I leave it be for 20 minutes I can finally restore. Its scary though as unsure if I lost my work.

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Michael Morales

Hey Leslie.

Just an update on minimize restore issue. Now that I'm working all day in Storyline (SL) again, I can duplicate the problem. It happens within a narrow group of conditions:

1. Single external monitor connected to a laptop via HDMI
2. Monitor and laptop screen set as extended display
3. Minimize SL on monitor and then go work in other programs for an extended period of time: Word, PhotoShop, etc.
4. Try to un-minimize from toolbar.
5. Won't restore.

My software is up-to-date and I can still duplicate this. My workaround is to pull out the HDMI cable from the laptop and then it will restore on the laptop screen. I can drag the window back to the large monitor subsequently.

This didn't happen when I connected to two monitors via a dock at work. Seems unique to the laptop/single-monitor configuration in home office. I can't say that for sure, as I'm not going into the office right now, but seems confined to this set up.

If I just try and duplicate the issue by casually minimizing the window, it doesn't happen. Seems only to happen after I've been parked in a different application for awhile and then return to SL.

Hope this helps. Mike

Peter Zackery

This is still an ongoing issue with Storyline 3 as my project just became stuck to the taskbar as well.  I hope Articulate figures out why this is persisting.

I can confirm that Ken's method above works to get the screen back to maximized.

Another method is holding the SHIFT+CTRL keys and right clicking the Articulate icon.  This activates a new menu and allows the Restore option, which re-maximizes the screen.


Stephen Rothwell

I have seen the thread on this problem.  I am using Storyline 3 and it has occasionally popped up in the past, but I just updated to the Oct 2021 update and it is consistently occurring (error - previous instance running).  I have been going to the task manager and ending the program and restarting.

Becca Levan

I'm sorry for any confusion, Stephen! My last reply was to Farhan. Since they are using Storyline 360, I was hoping they could test this in the new build. 

I'm sorry that I don't have any updates to share at the moment for this behavior you see in Storyline 3; I've linked your post to the report we're tracking so we can return here to share updates with you, but in the meantime, could I have you share more clues with us?

  • Since you mention this has increased since the update, have you tried running a repair on Storyline 3 to see if that shows improvement?
  • Are you using dual monitors, and if so, could you try disconnecting from one to see if that helps?

We'll figure out our next steps from there!