Storyline 360: Multiple Choice Question Variables

Jun 08, 2021


I have been designing up a MCQ Quiz in Articulate Storyline 360, but I am having difficulty. I have a quiz that features video tutorials and then multiple choice questions that follow based on each video. This all forms part of the same storyline scene, which is needed. I want to export this graded quiz into an LMS.

However, I provide incorrect and correct feedback on each question slide . I want the user to be allowed 3 attempts at each question and then if still incorrect, to be brought back to the start of that specific group of questions again..If anyone knows of a way to do this id really appreciate the this possible?




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Scott Wiley

When you offer more than one try to a question, it creates a Try Again layer. Once the last try is completed, it will show the Incorrect layer.

Could you add some content on the Incorrect layer that would describe why they're being redirected, with a button labeled something like "Try Again" that will jump back to start again?

If you can share a file, it would be easier to troubleshoot or offer guidance.