Storyline 360 zip output opens in HTML code insterad of browser

Jan 10, 2019

I created a short Storyline 360 project, authored it in SCORM, and output it to web in HTML5.

I tested the project on the same computer I created it on and it works fine. Double-clicking the .story file opens my default browser (chrome).

I emailed the project to a potential employer. They said when they clicked on the .story file, it opened a window with "jiberish". After going back and forth with her several times, I find she is using a PC and chrome.

I tried sending her the email file directly from the publish menu in 360 as well as uploading the zip file to my dropbox, and the employer still gets the same results.

I accessed the file on my wife's chromebook and sure enough I experienced the problem. The .story files briefly opens in a separate window in all HTML code, then  another window replaces it. The top of the window indicates "eml" and that is in code as well. I tried right mouse clicking on the file to choose "open with" but it doesn't give me the option to open in browser. Is my file corrupt?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Garfield, 

If you're ready to share your published output with colleagues and peers, you'll want to share the entire zipped folder and instruct them to extract the files and launch the file that ends in story.html or  story_html5.html.

I'd also suggest uploading the content to the Web server or LMS (depending on how you published) as testing published content locally could cause you to encounter some odd behavior. Some suggestions for hosting content are linked here. 

You'll also want to use one of the supported browsers and devices here. 

The file that ends in .story is the file you've edited and can only be opened within Storyline. That file can be shared with other individuals, but they'll need to have the same version of Storyline installed on their computer. 

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