Hello everyone

I need some help please...I want to create a course around security and securing our customers information, as part of the course i want to make it so that when our agents get to a page they add in their personal data (work email address, name, date of birth and so on), once they have added that data and clicked "Next" i want Storyline to email that agent with the details they have entered or even a template email...thus highlighting what info can be sent out if they are not careful.

Here is my confusion...can storyline do this and if so how can i do it?

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Simon Perkins

Getting data out of SL using JS has been problematic for some.

How about embedding a Google Form as a web object? I've done this for data collection and it's worked well and been reliable. The shared link allows an admin (or whoever) to check out the form (really just a spreadsheet) at any time.

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