Storyline 6 regularly locking up

Aug 15, 2014

I'm hitting a regular problem with Storyline locking up. I'm doing work with embedding videos and when I come to preview an individual slide or play the slide it quite regularly locks up and I have to kill Storyline from Task Manager and load it up again - having lost any unsaved changes.

I'm would tell you which build of Storyline 6 I'm running but I can't find out where in the app it tells me. I'm running on Windows 7 Professional.

Please help - this is really slowing me down.

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Neil Collins

Thanks Geert - found it now. Yes I'm on 1407.2208.

Interestingly (playing around with a few things and also getting some info from Articulate support) I wonder if it's to do with saving my project in a folder which is my local Google Drive. I did this so I'd get backups of my projects but I wonder if some of the file access by Storyline clashes with what Google Drive is doing under the covers. Wonder if anyone else has hit a similar issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Neil and welcome to Heroes!

You may want to try downloading the file from Google Drive and using it directly on your local hard drive (typically your C drive). Working on the file from a network drive is known to cause issues - and since Google drive is likely doing some version back up. Could you try working on a new file from your local drive and see how it behaves? You may also want to look into importing your Storyline file into a new file.

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