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Hi i need some help actually i got some requirement from my client that when course running if a user click exit in middle of the course he should get pop up "Do you want to exit the course 'YES' 'NO' and if user press YES he should stay on the course if user press NO course should get close. Is any one can help me out from this. plzzzz...

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hari krishna

Hi Wendy happy to see you back :-)

we have some requirement in Quiz. We will have 3 sets of quiz in each set there will be 5 questions but user will have any one of them to attempt Quiz in that 3 sets either 1 or 2 or 3. After attempting any one of Quiz set he will enter in to result page. Here is the main thing i am not able to get. The one Quiz set which user will attempt that particular Quiz result should get track in Scorm.

If user attempt set One Quiz remaining Two and Three Quiz sets result should not get track. Please help me out its very urgent requirement.