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Crystal Horn

Hi Steven!  Once you purchase a license for Storyline 2 (or any of our perpetual products), it is yours forever.

As for technical support, we support the current (Storyline 3) and prior (Storyline 2) major versions of each perpetual product.

Do you have any concerns about losing access to Storyline?

Steven Hill

Thanks Crystal,

I just needed to do a quick audit on all of our current software and costs, It’s good to know we have a perpetual license, which is becoming rare.

I do have a quick question though, what are the benefits of Storyline 3, can we upgrade our Storyline2 to Storyline3 and if we do, can we still use and edit our current Storyline exercises?

Three questions in one really 😊


Steve Hill

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Crystal Horn

No problem, Steve.  All great questions!

  1. Storyline 3 has added features and a redesigned mobile device experience for your learners to enjoy across almost any device.  Have a look at what's new here!
  2. You can absolutely upgrade, and our customer success team will be happy to help you out if you'd like.
  3. You can bring your Storyline 2 projects right into Storyline 3!

Wanted to mention that replying through your email includes your signature with contact info.  You can hope back into the discussion and edit that out, if you'd like!