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Aug 18, 2021

Hi all,

I have not used Articulate Storyline for daily instructional design for years, as my role has changed. I am now in need of some knowledge refreshment! I have a video on a secure Vimeo channel. I do have the embed code. I want to create a storyline template that my Admin can use to drop in new videos and publish. 

I know how to add the Web Object Vimeo Embed Code, but I'm not sure this is the correct approach. I've been told that some of our end-users don't have a media player installed on their workstations; therefore, we are using Vimeo. If I use the Vimeo Embed code will the video be using the Vimeo player?

Next question, I don't want the users to be able to bypass or fast forward the video. What is the best way to make them stay on the slide until the video ends? I'm leaning towards using a trigger to disable the Next button until Media completes, but I'm thinking this may not work with Web Objects. Any thoughts?




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Tom Kuhlmann
  • The video from vimeo will play through the browser so they don't need an installed media player. 
  • The trigger to change state won't work because you can't control the vimeo video with triggers. There may be a JavaScript solution but that's something you'd have to figure out outside of Storyline. There may be a way to modify the vimeo player in their settings. You can probably get some help from the vimeo community. I'm sure it's not an uncommon request.
Dana Collins

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the response. I am working with our onsite Vimeo expert now to see what he can help me with, but I will definitely reach out to the community if we can't solve the issue. As for now, I'm happy with what I have created, I just need to test it in SuccessFactors LMS to make sure we get the end-user experience we want. Sometimes things work great on the 360 Review site, but not so much in our LMS. :)  

Thank you!

Dana Collins

Hi Frank,

I needed a quick solution for this, so I didn't have time to explore the Java option. We decided to disable the "playbar" in Vimeo and then use the embed code. We follow the video with a quiz and attestation. This seems to be achieving our desired results thus far.

We chose to disable the play bar so that the user could not fast forward the video. However, they can click the video to pause it if needed. The slide containing the video has a timeline that is as long as the video. 

I hope this helps,


Frank Yario

The major problem with this solution is that a viewer can fast forward the video with the keyboard right arrow key.

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Craig Bunyea

The sample .story worked for me, just needed to swap a working video ID in the code for what seemed was a private vid. For my purposes I needed to enable the Next button no matter how the user got there. Could probably piggyback on the ckpt1 that Frank implemented.

var onPlay = function(data) {
alert("you are done - finally");
SLplayer.SetVar("ckpt1",1); // variable initialized in the Storyline file 
player.on('ended', onPlay);