Storyline AICC project not displaying in IE11

We have several courses published from Storyline which are not displaying content when launching from IE11.  If I put the course in compatability mode, it displays fine. 

Attached is an example from one of our users.

We have Storyline Update 2.  Has this issue been resolved in more recent versions of SL?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Karen,

There have been a number of fixes since update 2, as we're now on update 4.  Since IE 11 was released recently, I would suspect that Storyline Update 4 would function better in IE11 than update 2, although I don't see any specific information in release notes about compatibility mode. Is there a reason you haven't updated yet? 

Maria Darst


I just updated to IE 11 and have noticed some display issues with some templates I downloaded from here. The content displays correctly in Chrome! I checked for Storyline updates and there were none. So I must have the latest update. I need to do some investigating but wanted to see if your issues are resolved.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maria,

I don't see where Karen shared her files with us so that we could take a look - but I test a lot of files in IE11 and haven't noticed any display issues. Could you tell us more about what is not displaying correctly - or even share a sample image here and file that we could test?

Also, the most recent update is now update 5, and you can confirm which update you're using by going to the "Help" tab and clicking on About Articulate Storyline. You'll see an image like the one below: