Storyline and Blackboard 9.1

I uploaded a Storyline quiz to Blackboard 9.1, but after taking the quiz the score does not record on the student account I am practicing with.
I included a results slide in the project and I published it under LMS in Storyline with SCORM1.2 and Reporting and Tracking as the Output Options.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  Step by step instructions to correct this would be greatly appreciated. 



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Peter Anderson

Hi John, welcome to Heroes

I don't have any experience using Blackboard, but you might be able to find some useful information in this article, particularly the section on using SCORM Cloud to test your content. If you run your course through SCORM Cloud and it works fine, you'll want to contact the Blackboard administrators. If you run the course through SCORM Cloud and you get the same issue you describe above, please feel free to contact our support team for additional help. Thanks, and welcome again!

John McKearney

Thanks for your help Peter.

I used SCORM Cloud as you suggested and everything worked fine, but it still will not work in Blackboard.   Someone on LinkedIn recommended I check with my Blackboard Administrator to see if SCORM is activated.  Apparently, SCORM is not a standard feature on Blackboard.  I hope to find out on Monday if that is the problem.

John McKearney

It turns out SCORM was not activated on Blackboard.  What I didn't realize is that I could make the changes myself in their tool panel.  Once I activated SCORM a Content Package called SCORM appeared in the Build Content section on Blackboard.  The process was very simple and straight forward after that.

Thank you for your help.