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May 16, 2012


I have an Engage object that I need to function in a lightbox within Storyline. Ultimately, I would like the user to be able to click on a Player Tab to view the Engage object. Is this possible? If so how? Or if not, are there any work arounds?

Thanks in advance!

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Lou Mang

Gerry Wasiluk said:

You should be able to re-size your Engage interaction to be a little smaller.

Or add your own small button or shape over the Engage interaction.  Add a trigger of close lightbox.

I have a question regarding adding an Engage interaction as a lightbox on a player tab. I understand how to do this however my question has to do with the engage interaction that is now on a slide. Because you don't want to use this slide as part of your navigation whats the best way to organize the slide containing the engage interaction? Put it in a scene off to the side somewhere?

Gerry Wasiluk

If I'm using content in a lightbox slide, I usually do one of two things--put the lightbox slide in its own scene--or, if I have many lightbox slides, put all of them in one big scene and make sure they can't navigate to each other--unless its lightbox slide that has to have have extra slides in it.  I usually do the former for simplicity sake.

With Storyline, there's really no right or wrong here--do what works best for you (and anyone else who may be helping you or maintaining the course down the road).  The only thing you usually want to avoid is having someone access the slide like it was a regular slide by mistake and not a lightbox slide.

louise woodland

Hi Marloes, I am getting the same thing blank light box when I have published engage presetnations in my storyline Player area. It looks fine in Preview. I have also tested it by setting up one slide with an engage presentation in the Player tab button - that worked OK too. I think it is linked to the display of the Launch button after publishing - I cannot ge the player to start automatically amy more - I get the Launch button which may be affecting things. 

L Keith

Hi All,

Is there a way to embed the Engage Interaction into the Master slide in Storyline. I am creating a custom navigation and the help button links to a help file that is an Engage interaction.  I want it to reside on the master slide because the user should be able to access the file at anytime in the course by clicking the help button.  Any suggestions?



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