Storyline and Kaspersky Antivirus


I have a client who is experiencing some strange behaviour in relation to fonts and objects changing size when a story file is passed from one person to another and is also having problems previewing some files.

  • They are using a standard font - Arial
  • Files are always saved on local drives
  • If you save and close a project Preview doesn't work when you reopen it unless you import the slides into a new project

Also Storyline doesn't recognise when they are online - no tutorials showing on the splash screen and can't check for updates.

They're not working with any remote desktops and their antivirus is Kaspersky. I've done a search and found there were some issues with Kaspersky in relation to Studio a while back, I'm now curious to know if any such problems have arisen with Storyline?



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Helen.

I am not aware of any known or documented conflicts/incompatibilities between Articulate Storyline and any of the Kaspersky products.

The behavior you've outlined above certainly sounds erratic, and as such, I would recommend asking your client to follow the troubleshooting steps outlined within this article.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, let's have your client submit a copy of one of the problematic .story project files via a Support Case so that we can attempt to reproduce the problem and take a closer look.  Thanks!