"Storyline and Moodle"

Hi Everyone,

So our Moodle provider is telling me that Storyline isn't playing nice so I wondered if you could help me out as I'm a little sceptical.

The issue we have is that the LMS won't accept more than one score without forcing the learner to start a completely new attempt. So what I want (and what I've seen work before) is that the learner goes through a course, fails and then retries the quiz and passes before exiting the module. The LMS then recognises that they have passed.  

I'm being told that this cannot work in Moodle and we would have to split the module into learning module and test module which isn't ideal.

I really hope someone can debunk this theory.

Thank you in advance





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Dan Marsden

You can also disable "review mode" by adjusting the moodle scorm setting to force a new attempt on entry (if the previous attempt is complete) - as per the SCORM spec if a SCORM package lesson_status is set to completed, passed or failed then that attempt is classed as finished so subsequent entries to the attempt will result in review mode unless a new attempt is generated.

If your package is using the status "failed" and you want to allow the user to continue that same attempt and get a new score this is not how the SCORM spec is designed but many authoring tools allow you to override it like the method Phil/Ashey mention above.

more information on how Moodle handles multiple attempts is here:

Harri S

Hi Phil, the main issue I was sceptical about was that we couldn't retry quizzes before exiting (completing) the module. I've since spoken to the developers who have confirmed that within the module learners can update their scores until the point where they exit - which then triggers all the stuff you (and others) have mentioned.