Storyline and QuestionMark Perception

Aug 31, 2012

I am really trying to convince my company to move to Storyline from Adobe Captivate.  Storyline has better design functionality.  However, there may be one sticky point when it comes to publishing.  We do not have an LMS that is available to everyone.  Currently, we publish Captivate files as .qml files and upload them into QuestionMark Perception.  This way we can track whether employees have viewed the eLearning modules.

I do not see an option to publish a .qml file in Storyline that can be uploaded into QuestionMark.  I assume there isn't one, but wanted to see if anyone knew of a workaround.

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Eric Shepherd

Hello All,

I am the CEO of Questionmark and we, at Questionmark, would be keen to help. We admire Articulate's team and their product offerings. Questionmark would like to collaborate more closely with Articulate. Maybe I could start by providing some information and distinctions.

The QML file describes to Questionmark how to launch and process data returned by Captivate (and other 3rd party tools). This was originally developed in conjunction with eHelp which has been maintained by Macromedia and Adobe. We, at Questionmark, would enjoy the opportunity to work with Articulate to provide the same functionality within Storyline.

Questionmark provides an Assessment Management System (but not a Learning Management System) and Questionmark technology is often integrated with LMSs.

Questionmark provides technologies and services that enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills, and attitudes securely and achieve successful learning outcomes. Questionmark solutions enable reliable, valid and defensible assessments by empowering people through collaborative authoring, accommodating participant needs with blended and multilingual delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics.

Assessment Management Systems enable instructors and administrators to create, administer and report on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Questionmark Perception is an onpremise software product for installation behind the firewall. Questionmark OnDemand is provides as Software As A Service.

If someone could help us understand who to talk to within Articulate we would be happy to start those discussions and allocate engineering resources.

With my best regards,


Eric Shepherd

Questionmark, CEO

Eric Shepherd

Hello Neeraj: I wanted to provide you an update from Questionmark's side. We have always been keen to integrate with Articulate and in 2012, when I responded in this thread, I reached out by email and with calls to help us formulate design patterns that could make sense. I felt that I was sent in circles and was eventually told that Articulate was not interested in working with Questionmark. I suspect that must be some baggage that I don't understand. I am open to having a conversation with any of the decision makers at Articulate to see iof we can work more effectively together.

Hello Neeraj: As CEO of Questionmark I'd be happy to be a point of contact to help promote understanding between our organizations. If you could connect me with the right person it would be sincerely appreciated.

With appreciation,


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