Storyline and reporting scores to Moodle using an iPad

Has anyone had an issue with Storyline not reporting the correct score to the Moodle gradebook with iPad users?  I had a call from a group of users that were using iPads to take HTML5 quizzes and their scores were reporting incorrectly.  If the user got 8 out of 10 correct, the results were reporting as 20% correct instead of 80% correct.  When they switched to PC browsers the quizzes functioned as they should.   They have updated their iPads to ios 8.  I have tested the quizzes on an iPad with ios 6.1.3 and the scoring is working and reporting correct.  I can only assume it is something with the way Storyline and ios 8 Safari are interacting.  

I cannot use the AMP since our Moodle site (ver. 2.6.2) does not have Tin Can support.  Any ideas or suggestions what could be going on?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rich,

I haven't heard this specific set up causing difficulty yet, but I know iOS8 has had some difficulty across the board (not just with Articulate content). Are you able to test this course out by uploading to SCORM Cloud (a free industry standard for testing SCORM Content) to see how the course behaves there for your users who are accessing it on iOS8? If it works as expected there, you'll want to reach out to Moodle and see if they're aware of any issues with their site and iOS8. If you continue to have difficulty at SCORM Cloud, let us know and we'll want to take a look at your course.