Storyline and Rise 360: Lightbox trigger fails

My slide master template includes a button to trigger the lightbox (top-right corner). It works correctly in a preview of the entire project. However, if I publish a scene individually, the lightbox trigger fails -- nothing happens when the button is clicked. Every slide in the project is linked to the lightbox; shouldn't the individual scenes "pull" the lightbox slide?

I'm inserting individual scenes into Rise 360, and these each need the lightbox to be available.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Kathy Biallas

I like the flexibility of creating a single lightbox slide in its own scene and linking it to the slide master, but what you're saying is that I cannot then publish individual scenes as Storyline interactions, to be utilized in separate lessons within Rise 360. My intent when putting the lightbox button in the slide master was to configure the lightbox trigger once and then to utilize that same layout on every content slide within the scene.

It would be nice if Storyline had the flexibility to link the lightbox slide to separate scenes. At this point, I have to duplicate the lightbox slide in every scene and set up a trigger for each scene, then copy the button to every slide.

Walt Hamilton

Actually, you don't have to do all that, especially if most of the slides in a given scene use the same layout. Go to the master, and make a duplicate of that layout for each scene. set the button to lightbox the "local" copy of the slide, and you won't have to copy the button to each slide.