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Sébastien Greffet


For your information, I tried with a simple HTML page with a <script>...</script> tags inside. And the HTML part works the part inside the <script> tags : not at all. 

I try some options but nothing change... 

In case : have you any idea ? I tried also in a sharepoint of another compagny and they have the same problem. 

thank's a lot ! 

Dean Reed


I tried many things a couple of years ago without any success. My next step
was to have our IT group set up an HTTP server within the company's network
so we wouldn't have any security issues and create the necessary links from
SharePoint to the course's HTML files. I never had a chance to finish the
project. Since SharePoint is not scorm compliant, you would have to publish
for the web.

Also, has anyone tried LMS365? You can find it on Microsoft's appsource
site. It looks like it's been out for a while, but I've never heard anyone
mention it. I have not had a chance to explore it further. Here's the link:

Sébastien Greffet


After many and many test, I found the solution : using the Sharepoint Shell and these informations : 


After I need to add a Documents Library in my page, I drag & drop my SL360 course (published in web folder, with the story.html and the analytics-frame rename with aspx) inside. 

And it works !! 

I hope it will help !