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Geert De Rycke

Hi Aaron,

When you publish your project, there are a ciouple of things you need to look at.

  • When you decide to deploy your course on an LMS, you need to choose that option.
  • Not only that, you'll need to tell the publisher what kind of standard your LMS will be using to communicate with your project (SCORM 1.2/SCORM 2004/AICC/Tin Can API). This depends on what types of standards tour LMS can work with...
  • Once your project is published, you have to zip it as you already did
  • Next step is to upload it onto your LMS and deploy it (often this is a feature of your LMS)
  • to run the project on the LMS there is a file called "index_lms.html" this file is to be called when you want to run your course on you LMS