Storyline app font, buttons, boxes and timeline is too hard to see - no contrast, faint gray and blue on white

Has anyone else noticed how light and faint the SL application has become in this latest version? Everything is too hard to see.  There is no more contrast, and the light gray and blue on a white background gives me headaches as I strain all day to work in this format.  

I implore the SL developers to please change this format for the next version rollout.  It is truly a pain to use this as I am constantly straining my eyes to see where the boundaries are between the light blue boxes, the light gray boxes are against that white background. The entire thing is way too light to work in and I'm constantly squinting.  After awhile, I give up and come back after my eyes have rested.

I have heard similar complaints from many others. I understand there is a universal internet trend toward this low contrast/light, skinny font because it is "aesthetically pleasing." But what good is an application if it is unreadable and hard to work in?

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Thomas Carroll

Hi Caroline,

I also had this issue as I like my monitors to be relatively Bright, this causes the Colours of the timeline to be faint and difficult to see, what I did to improve it was turn the Contrast down (25%-35%) and also lower the brightness also(Around 70%). This did improve the visibility of the timelines.

I also searched for a way to change the colours of the timeline and inputs.

Hope this helps you.