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I am using the Storyline 30-day trial and I'd like to know if there is a way that i can sell my courses through the app store.

I understand that the "default" way is to give my customer a link to the html5 page and he will be redirected to download your free App in order to view it,

but in this scenario my lessons are not avaliable through the app store.

Thanks in regard

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Russell Still

No need for the Appstore at all (and you don't have to give Apple 30%). Your users install the Articulate Mobile Player from the Appstore for free, then they can run your presentation on the iPad with no further Appstore involvement. Like Phil said, just set up a PayPal account, insert a PayPal "Buy Now" button on your website, then have the "Thank You" page provide a password that users use to access your course. It's very easy and works great.

Russell Still

Actually, getting your program into the Appstore doesn't mean that many people will see it. As you know, there are 100s of thousands of apps and new ones quickly get "buried". The only way to get eyes on your program is for you to promote it. Existance in the Appstore does not provide much help in that regard.

Last I heard, Apple only accepted apps that were created with their SDK. I recall at least one third party authoring tool that created iPad-ready apps. Apple quickly figured out how to identify them and would not allow them into the store. They are pretty iron-fisted about the entire iPad environment. Honestly, that's why I was so pleased with the Articulate Mobile Player. I see the ability to avoid the Appstore as a huge advantage.

Fernando Moreno

For different reasons, I'd like to use content generated with Storyline to be part of an App (probably for free, but we're not sure yet)... I can see that there's solutions to pack Websites as apps using PhogeGap, for example. Haven't you thought of any way of packaging the Articulate App so that it can be used as the main tool to deploy contents in the iPad? Is there any way around to solve the problems related to this issue? (files cannot be downloaded into de iPad). Would it be an ebook the best alternative, considering that the Storyline generated content  consists of interactions, videos, pdf files, audio, etc.?  In other words, is there any way to put content generated by Articulate Storyline into the Apple/Android market?

Thank you in advance.


Ali Goulet

Hey Mareon,

I'm so sorry you're running into that -- you're making the right move reaching out to your course distributer!

We've added support for the latest iOS versions in recent updates of our software. They'll need to verify their courses are updated to the latest versions to ensure they're compatible with the iOS you're running.

I'm really sorry this has slowed you down, and thanks for reaching out here about it.