Storyline as a Tool for Employee Performance Evaluations?

Dec 02, 2013

I've been asked to transfer our written employee performance evaluation surveys using the Articulate Quiz function, but I'm not sure how well or if this is going to work.  Some of the evaluation questions have up to 30 possible answers, and it looks like Quizmaker only provides 10 answer options.  It seems like I would need to ask multiple questions and branch them to get the answers we need,  Some are Yes/No questions, so perhaps these would work okay in Quizmaker.  In addition to Studio '13, I do have the Storyline software, but I am newer to Storyline and not as familiar with its quiz/survey development component.  Would Storyline offer me the additional flexibility to incorporate "non-standard" evaluation questions?  And if so, how hard is it to get up to speed on create such surveys with Storyline?

We had previously done these Evaluations on Survey Monkey, but now are not able to use Survey Monkey because it is a 3rd party service and our main client will not allow it on their PC's.  Some work has been done creating these evaluation/surveys as Excel online input forms.  That solution seems to be promising, but my organization has not wanted to spend the $600 to purchase Adobe Acrobat Professional.

I welcome any insights, suggestions, etc.  Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lori,

Storyline vs. Studio is a common question, and it really will depend on your needs and level of comfort working in each set of software. There was a recent blog post which will help you compare the two, and we've published a comparison chart of features.

In regards to Question types, they'll both have the same set of 25 - and the 10 possible choices stays true for all the built in questions. What you could do in Storyline that you wouldn't be able to do in Quizmaker is create your own questions using things such as button sets. 

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