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Emma Crossley

I agree totally!

We need the ability to have an asset list window so we can quickly reuse elements across multiple slides particularly audio and video.

I would like to know that if I insert from file the same audio clip to multiple slides is it in fact being included in the total file output multiple times...thus increasing the size of the overall package?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robert,

When you edit or crop an audio file, Storyline treats the edited version as a different audio file. So in that case, the overall size of the project will increase. 

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Harold Lentink

An Asset list would indeed be a nice feature. A list which shows the assets used in your project. How many instances of the asset are used (and maybe even an option to quickly jump to the location where it's used). At what resolution are images imported in SL360 so you can see if images need to be downsized for optimalisation purposes. And the posability to quickly replace items in your project. 

I've made a feature request also.