Storyline: Audio with button trigger plays on it's own

May 17, 2012

Here's my scenario:

1. I've got my base slide that plays audio narration automatically. There is a screen shot of our product on the screen and I've added the magnifying glass button with a trigger that will take you to a new layer when clicked.

2. This layer is basically a duplicate of the base, but with my screen shot enlarged for easier viewing. I have an 'x' button on the screenshot with a trigger than takes me to another layer when clicked.

3. This next layer is an exact duplicate of the base, except I've added a 'speaker' button that will play the narration when clicked, that way when the participant closes the enlarged image, they don't go back to the slide that has me speaking all over again, but allows them to listen again should they choose to. 

Here's my issue, everything works fine, but when I'm on the 3rd step after viewing the enlarged image I clicked the speaker button to listen to the audio and then for fun I clicked on the magnifying glass again and basically repeat steps 2 and 3. But the second time it takes me to the layer with the speaker button, the audio automatically plays. I've told the layers to go back to their initial state. 

I need it to go to this layer and not play the audio narration should a participant choose to view the enlarged image a second time. 

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